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How To Get a Unicorn In Roblox Adopt Me


Roblox Adopt Me is a roleplay gaming experience created by DreamCraft. In the game, there are two characters: a baby who receives the care and a parent who looks after the child. Hobbies, a trading system, and customized residences are other game elements.



In Roblox Adopt Me, the unicorn is a well-liked yet challenging pet to obtain. If you've been playing this game on Roblox frequently, chances are that you've got your eye on one of these tiny pets. 


SOURCE: TheWolfHowler 


How To Get A Unicorn?

Either particular eggs must be used to hatch a unicorn, or you can trade for one from another player. Other, less trustworthy options include buying one from a third-party vendor or, if you're incredibly lucky, winning one from a YouTuber.


By Getting Eggs:

A unicorn can be hatched from three different eggs: A cracked Egg, Pet Egg, and the Royal Egg. The players are more likely to receive an egg the more expensive it is. The unicorn is a legendary rarity pet; therefore, even in the pricier eggs, the likelihood that one will hatch is quite low. 


The prices of each egg are listed below;

  • Cracked Egg - $350
  • Pet Egg - $600
  • Royal Egg - $1,450



By Trading:

Trading with other players is the other option to acquire a reasonably dependable pet. Find a player who is trading a unicorn in the chat, and see if you have any pets that they are interested in. Due to the fact that you may never be certain of what someone may desire from you, this method of getting one can be challenging. However, if you're extremely fortunate, someone might trade with you for goods that you might not even want!


Other methods:

The alternative method is to buy a pet on a website like eBay. Although this will probably work, you still need to exercise caution because there's always a chance you could get scammed.


Golden Unicorn:

There is a different way to acquire a unicorn, but it is not the white variety. The golden egg can produce a golden unicorn. You can get this egg through Star Rewards, which requires daily logins to gather. You can ultimately amass enough of these to buy the egg if you save up enough of them. 

SOURCE: Leah Ashe


Diamond Unicorn:

The Diamond Unicorn will be an even more difficult to get Star Reward option. This hasn't been included in the game yet, but getting it will take a lot of time because you need to log in for 480 days to earn enough stars to buy the Diamond Egg.

SOURCE: Krystin Plays


Neon Unicorn:

If you can find four common unicorns and raise them to the full-grown stage, you can make one of them into a neon pet. Getting only one is a significant endeavor; thus, it is evident that this is fairly challenging.

SOURCE: maddyedits 


These are some of the methods that the players can follow to buy a Unicorn as their pet in Roblox Adopt Me.