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About Us

What Is Roblox?

The Roblox gaming platform allows users to play and create games online. These games can be played by multiple users worldwide using a phone or tablet or through a web browser on their PCs. Roblox allows amateur developers to use their imagination to create unique games. Thus, more than 40 million games users can play on this free-to-use gaming platform.

What Is Adopt Me?

Adopt Me is an extremely popular game on Roblox. The game has more than 28 billion visits and is constantly growing in popularity. Adopt Me players must adopt, take care and collect a wide variety of pets. They can also decorate their houses and unlock new vehicles in the game. Adopt Me enables players to connect and interact with other players. This allows players to trade pets, vehicles, toys, food, and many more items in the game. The values of each item differ in the game, which makes the trading process very engrossing.

How Will This Website Help Adopt Me Players? can help Adopt Me players determine whether their trade was worth it. Was the trade fair? Who was the winner in the trade? Can I have a better trade? tries to answer these questions.

How Does This Website Work?

Knowing whether the trade is good or bad is very simple with You just need to place the item you are trading on the left-hand side and the item you are trading for on the right-hand side on the trading grid to know the outcome of the trade.

How Do We Decide The Values Of Items In Adopt Me? has a meticulous team that decides the values of all items. The team has participated in thousands of trades, ensuring they have the experience to determine the values of items. Moreover, they perform extensive research and compare the values from other trading websites to decide the ideal values of all items in the game. P.S. is an independent website with no connections with Roblox and Adopt Me, employees. The values here are just rough estimates and are not official figures.

How Accurate Are The values?

The values of the items are not 100% accurate due to the lack of genuine information. But, our teams try to make the values as accurate as possible. The value of items depends on what players are offering for the items in the game. If our team notices that players are offering more for a certain item, we will soar the values of that item. If our team notices that players are offering less for a certain item, we will reduce the value of that item. Our ultimate goal is to decide the most viable values of the items and determine whether the outcome of a trade is won, lost, or fair for the Adopt Me, player.